About Us

Rock Berry LLC, established in December of 2017, is the leading berry producers in the territory of CIS, specializing in berry production in high-tech greenhouses and intensive gardens.

The cultivation of the berries is being held 1500 m above sea level in the Kamaris village of Kotayk region, Republic of Armenia. Starting from a 5-hectare strawberry greenhouse, the company has expanded its operation to a total of 11 hectares strawberry greenhouses and 6 ha berry gardens.

From the first day of the company's operation, Rock Berry's emphasis has been on producing the highest quality varieties of berries, cultivating the best varieties from well-known Dutch, Italian and Britanian breeders. Because of huge investments in technologies, the choice of high-quality plants and dedicated professional team, the yielded berries are of high quality in terms of their looks, flavor, and health benefits.

Aside from the cultivation of berries, the company also has honey and blackberry jam.

Rockberries are tasty and rich in vitamins and fibers, making them perfect for daily consumption.

Short Facts
  • tons of yearly berry production
  • employees
  • hectares of high-tech greenhouses
  • hectares of intensive gardens
  • meters above the sea level
  • partners around the world
Rock Berry’s Mission Statement

Our mission in Rock Berry is to become a berry market leader, providing high-quality products and creating novel market trends in agriculture.

Our Vision

Rock Berry's vision is to be the producer of berries of the highest quality, grown in a healthy environment.

Our Values
  • Honesty։ We are transparent with our partners and customers to ensure long-term stable relationships with them.

  • Innovation: We aspire to satisfy all of our customers through using innovative technologies and yielding berries of supreme quality. 

  • Teamwork: We are stronger and better when we work together on achieving our goals.

  • Love: We do our job with love and offer its perks - our high-quality berries to our customers.
Long story short!

We are an energetic team of professionals who produce berries in an innovative environment.

  • We opened our first greenhouse in 2019 and started by producing strawberries in a 5-hectare high-tech greenhouse. We made big investments to ensure high-quality production, gain the trust of our partners, and the love of our consumers.
  • Currently, our operations area has increased to 17 hectares of high-tech greenhouses and gardens, vastly increasing our production volume. 
  • We produce strawberry all-year-round. Besides, we have seasonal production of raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, gooseberry, currant.
  • Currently, we the leading berry producer in Armenia, and we try to promote local agricultural industrialization by serving as an example to local entrepreneurs. We strive to expand our production and make Armenia one of the berry world centers!
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